Payments made for all our services are 100% non-refundable. In case of duplicate transaction for same order, one transaction will be refunded by same mode.

• We can refuse the right to offer services if after due assessment we come to the conclusion that it is beyond our capacity to treat/revive the product in question.

• The product may not retain its exact original look and color after the normal cleaning procedure for which we hold no responsibility.

• If you want changes to your original request or require us to conduct additional services, while your order is already under process, you are required to contact Revival shoe laundry directly, and we will only accommodate your request on our own discretion.

• At times, we may not be able to find the exact same finish as your fittings, and thus the replaced fittings may vary slightly from the original version. This could also be the case because new fittings look different from the used/oxidized ones.

• In case of leather panel change, there could be slight variation in color, as it is sometimes hard to find the exact same color for tricky shades, however our color matching experts try their level best to match all panels correctly.

• The customers are required to check all their items sent to us for money, jewelry and other valuables. If we find any valuables in your articles, we will try our level best to return them to you but we will not be held responsible for loss/damage of the same.

• We will provide the best possible protective packaging for your products, to ensure their safety during transit.

• Any injury, illness or allergic reaction you or any other person may sustain due to leather, fabric, hardware, color, chemical or usage of any of the products bought or serviced by us is not our responsibility.

• We try cleaning the articles in the best possible manner, however does not take responsibility if the articles does not get cleaned even after doing the complete process due to the property of leather and stains; and full payment will be charged to the customer.

• The articles are handled with the greatest possible care; however, because of the conditions of the articles when received, they are accepted for cleaning, dyeing or being dealt with in any other way at the owners risk and the responsibility

• We will not be held responsible for

(a) Loss of articles said to have been left with the article

(b) The damage arising to articles that cannot withstand normal cleaning process because of their worn out condition or defects inherent in the weaving or texture of the material

(c) Any delay howsoever arising

(d) The damages and losses caused by burglary, house breaking, larceny or fire.

• All the aforesaid conditions are also applicable to Bags, Jackets, Wallets, and other articles accepted for cleaning and/or dyeing.

• Intellectual Property and Trademark
Revival Shoe Laundry Pvt. Ltd. is the owner and authorized user of all intellectual property including but not limited to trade marks, logos, names and designs, whether registered or unregistered, and other marks that are otherwise owned or licensed to Revival Shoe Laundry in and associated with this website (collectively “intellectual property”), and any improvements or modifications to such intellectual property. The use or misuse of any of Revival Shoe Laundry’s intellectual property is prohibited without the prior written permission of The Leather Laundry. Nothing contained in this website should be construed as giving you any right or license to any of the intellectual property on or associated with this website.

Exchange and Return Policy

• Bespoke/custom-made leather jackets cannot be exchanged or returned.

• The customer is required to cancel booking 24 hours prior to delivery, else will be liable to pay a late booking cancellation charge of Rs. 100.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

• We aim to deliver your product in the finest condition, and as fast as possible. 
Depending on the location and service requirement, your product will be delivered within 7 business days.
Shipping charge is included in the cost of service.

• The time mentioned to fix the product (7 working days maximum) is only applicable for ideal working conditions.

• A reminder call will be given prior to the delivery and if not answered then shall be taken as the absence of the customer at the delivery place and the goods will not be delivered on the basis of the same.

• The customer will be contacted twice for the delivery of the goods and if no response/information is received from the customer’s side, then it will be considered as the customer’s responsibility to get in touch with Revival Shoe Laundry Pvt. Ltd. and get the delivery arranged.

• If the customer is not found at the delivery place at the time of delivery then it would attract a charge of Rs.100 for getting the articles re-delivered.

• If no intimation is received from the customer within a period of three months, Revival Shoe Laundry Pvt. Ltd. will have full rights to deal with the article at its sole discretion to recover the charges for the services availed by the customer.

• Any dispute arising out of the service comes under the Jurisdiction of Patna High Court.


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